About Our Farm

As I introduced on our home page, we are Ron and Lisa Ricketts and our kids are Allison and Cooper. Here is a little about us and our farm.

When we moved from my home town of Kerrville Texas, we first lived in Keller Texas for 2 years and quickly realized we wanted to raise our kids in the country. We found that opportunity in Alvord, Texas which was just 45 miles north of Keller. In 2005 we purchased 4 acres of land and a little house that we have continued to build on to and create our home. 


We originally started with Boer goats with the main purpose of clearing the land, mainly the poison ivy. When our daughter was in elementary school a friend gave us a Nigerian Dwarf wether for her to show in a local kids show. His name was Freckles and they quickly became best friends. One of her first shows was the Fort Worth Stock Show that year, and Freckles won first place. This created a new found love and desire to learn more, not only for her but us as well. We sold our boer goats and started building our Nigerian Dwarf herd. 

When the kids were younger we went to many shows, and it truly was a great learning experience and a great chance to meet so many wonderful breeders associated with this breed. Those are memories I will always cherish.

Well...now my daughter is in college, and my son in high school. We have not shown in many years due to sports, work, injuries and other excuses. I do hope to get back into in the near future.

That is just a little about our journey of owning Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. These days we just enjoy the joy of having them, and playing with the sweet babies. Also, new experiences as I have learned to make goat milk soap with their incredible milk. 

I try to offer goats that have quality milking genetics, great structure, and ones we are proud to have our herd name attached to.


Feel free to contact me with any questions, I will do my best to help you. Please keep in mind, my husband and I both work full time outside of the farm, so any delay is not intentional.


Thank you for visiting our website!

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Photos over the years....

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