Whether you are looking for a high quality show animal, a gentle pet companion, a family milker, or a productive animal for your breeding stock, Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a great breed!


We take great pride in our animals. We want you to have a good experience and be satisfied with your purchase, so we have listed our sales policy, to help clear up any issues before they may arise. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.


A non-refundable deposit of $200, is required to hold your choice of baby goat that has been offered for sale, and a deposit of Half the price of an adult goat. There is no refund if you change your mind and back out of a purchase. We reserve the right to change our prices on our goats listed for sale up until the time we receive a deposit on them. Payment in full is required upon delivery of your goat. I will hold your goat at no charge for 15 days after purchase &/or weaning. We prefer to wean babies at 8 weeks of age, unless you want to bottle feed, then you can pick up after 2 weeks of age.


Pricing of kids is determined by lineage, conformation, show wins, and potential. Visual assessment of a kid once it is born may result in a price alteration. Pricing on adult goats is based on individual performance and lineage. We reserve the right to modify sale pricing as we deem appropriate.


I guarantee the health of your goat when it leaves our farm. A buyer has the right to a Vet exam at the buyers full expense on any animals to be purchased (est. $250).  We will not feel any responsibility for the health of an animal purchased from us once it leaves the farm, as there are too many variables in care, unless we are presented with a Vet’s official statement that the animal had a condition prior to transfer. The risk of loss transfers once the animal leaves our farm.


We have purchased our herd form quality breeders, with disease free herds. We currently do CAE/Johnes testing yearly, all have been negative. All our animals are registered with at least one or both of the 2 registries, and can be registered with both (ADGA/AGS). Babies will be provided with ADGA and/or AGS paperwork to be registered.


We do accept Paypal, Venmo or check for deposit, and cash at time of delivery.

Paypal address is: ricketts4@centurylink.net


Please email with any questions: ricketts4farm@gmail.com